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Yeah… I get around a bit.

I’m Kat, and you might know me from my previous home: Dolly RougeBest Beauty Blog 2014 Blog Awards Ireland. I’m trying to do quite a few things, here’s a list of them.

I’m currently doing a PhD in biology. My nerdy ways lend themselves nicely to deciphering the ingredients’ lists of beauty products, and figuring out what’s really good and what’s just marketing crap. Ask me a skincare question anytime.

I like to take nice photos, and enable you with pretty product shots and swatches.

I recently became a summer bride, so you might see a few wedding related posts here and there. Due to having to squeeze myself into that slinky white dress, I lost about two stone in the run up to the wedding and gained a love for fitness. I’m into weightlifting and I’ll eat it IIFMM.

Other than that I spend my days cleaning up after two bunnies and one human male. I hope to someday grow some mini-humans and acquire more furbabies, which no doubt I’ll spend the rest of my time cleaning up after.

In terms of blogging and press samples – I strive for full disclosure and any omissions are genuine mistakes. I like to think my reputation is pretty no-nonsense, and I’m honest to a fault. However I have limited time to spend blogging, and I prefer to use that telling you about the things I love (so you can fall in love too) as opposed to the things that were just “meh”. However if there’s something I hate you’ll know all about it.

If you’d like to get in touch, please send me an email, or fill out the Contact Form.

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